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Pagoda Marquee

The Pagoda Marquee is a classy solution for small to medium functions, with a 6m x 6m edge span, and a high top. Elegant arched windows frame the walls, which can be opened and tied back to the corners. Create a custom marquee arrangement by aligning multiple Pagodas.

Castles for Small Children

These jumping castles are ideal for younger children. Measuring 4.5 x 4.5 metres, a convenient single-point entry enhances safety and improves the ability for adult supervision. 100% roof cover makes for excellent sunshade on warm days.

Tables and Chairs

We are constantly expanding our selection of event furniture, including tables, chairs, flooring, lighting and other furniture solutions for both indoor and outdoor events. Contact us for further details about our event furniture solutions.

Clearspan Marquee

The clearspan Marquee is a flexible solution to match space requirements. With a broad 10 metre span, it can be built into a 10 x 3, 10 x 6, 10 x 9 or 10 x 12 metre configuration, with space for over 100 people. Elegant arched windows clad the sides, and a stunning satin ceiling drape is also available.

Open Fronted Castle

The open-fronted jumping castle measures 5.5 x 4 metres, and is an excellent play space for children up to the age of 12. A roof shelter provides excellent protection from the sun.

Flooring, Lighting & Accessories

We feature a constantly increasing range of high quality extras, such as suspended lanterns and festoon lighting to add an extra touch of class to your special event. Contact us for further details.